Musicians have jam sessions. It's about enjoying playing music together, improvising without too much preparation or predefined arrangements. It can be about developing new ideas and music, finding the best arrangements, or just having fun together. I'd like this page to grow into a jam session where friends contribute short pieces, in English or French, on whatever is important to them in a broad understanding of learning and education. 

Education is a long-term process, with an irreducible plurality of purposes. It binds together the past with the future of our societies. What we do about it today matters fundamentally for the kind of society we wish to see develop, its values and the material and cultural well-being of its citizens. Learning for the 21st century must carry a vision of what that society will be and of the qualities that men and women should have to help shape it. 

George Papadopoulos (1995) Looking Ahead: an educational policy agenda for the 21st century, in European Journal of Education, 30-year Anniversary Issue, Volume 30, Number 4, December. (p506). George was a former Deputy Director of Employment, Education, Labour and Social Affairs at OECD, who chaired the European Journal of Education from 2001-2005. 


Bringing change and improvements to education and training and all situations where children, young people and adults are learning so that everyone can flourish and lead happy, healthy and meaningful lives is at the core of my work. My work aims to contribute to lifelong learning opportunities and personal development through improving access to learning and its recognition, individualising pathways and increasing transparency of learning and qualifications. As joint editor of a journal (the European Journal of Education) I enjoy writing and editing articles and reports so that more people can inform themselves about new ideas and initiatives. Over the years, I have worked with many colleagues from different regions of the world who all have a passion for education and learning. I'm hoping that this page can transmit some of that shared passion. To start the conversation, here's a first contribution from me.

Why are education and learning so important to us?

(10th Oct. 2014) Why are education and learning so important to us? Why do they create so much discussion, debate and disagreement? The range of issues and topics is seemingly endless and apparently of interest to everyone - parents, students, politicians, education professionals, researchers, employers, media, etc. With this first short piece I'm hoping to launch and encourage a conversation of many participants and perspectives. It's hard to know where to start and, given the potential scope, necessarily a bit arbitrary! Read more....